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Resin is essentially a hardened plastic which is strong but still breakable, please handle all items with care. To clean, wipe over with a damp cloth and dry, do not use chemical based cleaners as this could damage the resin and turn it yellow.
The resin is food safe once fully set (approx 2 weeks from being made) it also takes this time to completely set which means the item may still feel flexible when you receive it. This is completely normal and will harden over time.
Phone stands cannot be used while charging your phone for longer than 2 hours as the heat will weaken the resin causing it to bow.
Not dishwasher safe. Not Microwave safe.
Do not put anything hot on the resin for at least 2 weeks from purchase as this could damage the resin, it will be heat resistant up to 80 degrees after this period.


all orders placed now will be processed after Christmas

thank you for your support throughout 2023.