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Book A Flower Preservation

We create beautiful bespoke pieces containing your wedding flowers by hand selecting blooms, drying them in 3D and encasing them in high quality resin so you can preserve your wedding bouquet for years to come. Simply click the button below and pre-book your date today with a £10 deposit.

About us

Made by Mannie specialises in Flower and Memorial preservation helping you keep those memories alive forever. We started as a lockdown project in May 2020, and we have continued to grow ever since. I wanted to share what I have always loved doing and allow others to enjoy it too! We work from our home based workshop in Sunderland but can ship worldwide.

Our main focus is on flower and memorial preservation such as ashes, hair and breastmilk however as long as your keepsake is dry we can add it to resin! We also create bespoke homewares such as trays, tables and coasters  

We can dry your fresh flowers then set them into any of our pieces on our website, if you’re wanting to keep your flowers whole we recommend a deeper piece such as a block or sphere etc  

To help you choose what is best for you, we have created some sections on our drop down menu. This can be found  at the top of the home  page where you can find our most popular items in each section.  However, this is just a guide and we can add your flowers, ashes, hair, breastmilk and keepsakes to any of our products  


all orders placed now will be processed after Christmas

thank you for your support throughout 2023.